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Local Motion: Homestretch - Comatose EP

Comatose EP

This seven-inch EP's been out for a while, and it is also available in cassette format from the technologically adept but actual music-sounding savvy kids over at Drugged Conscience Records. The energetic power-violence influenced hardcore punk within will satisfy purists of many genres and give you that feeling that shit, maybe it's time to get in the pit and thrash around.

This youthful disregard for sanity and limbs, this is the good stuff. The four tracks on this disc are "Sleight of Hand" and "Visiting Hours" on Side A and "Eye of the Needle" and "How the Other Half Dies" on the flip. All are solid rompers with great guitar work, sick vocals, and a tight rhythm section. George Geanuracos is rapidly becoming someone who can proficiently translate the subtle nuances of hardcore inflection with an almost whimsical sangfroid that is refreshing and lively within a genre most people dismiss as stagnant.

The twin-guitar assault of Peter Allen and Eric Anderson propels the stuff through your speakers and into whatever little dark recess your brain is currently cowering in. The rhythm section of Alex De Renzis (drums) and Jon Suarez (bass) is as efficient as it gets and does a solid job maintaining a semblance of order amid the fracas.

Uh-huh! So, to bring this full circle, the band has been gracious enough to post on its site the type of info a record-collecting pretentious asshole would need: "102 copies for Record Release/Tour: black vinyl with insert and silk-screened patch in a Xeroxed cover. 53 copies on clear blue/back mix vinyl with insert in a hand-sewn silk-screened cloth bag and 400 copies on black vinyl." That is superhandy, if you know what I mean. Also of note, this disc is a good setup for the Purgatory album we reviewed earlier within these pages.

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