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Local Motion: Miss FD's Monsters in the Industry

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Miss FD
Monsters in the Industry

(Quantum Release)

It's been a long time coming for the Fort Lauderdale goth-pop artist now known as Miss FD. This fiery-haired, gloomy gal endured a three-year battle with her former management label based in the United Arab Emirates which prohibited her from releasing any recorded material. Well, our latex-loving vixen has endured.

Wiping the dust from her shoulders, tugging her corset in just a smidge and releasing her first full-length, Monsters in the Industry, under her new handle (she use to go by the name Frightdoll before all the legal entanglements.) This record has all the right components that will appeal to fans of '90s gothic and industrial acts such as Sisters of Mercy and Gravity Kills--synthesizers just don't get more ominous sounding than on the album's second track, "Disgrace."

Self-released on her own label, Quantum Release Records, this collection

of 11 darkwave tracks is surprisingly well-produced. Our macabre

Madame is not afraid to experiment with textures here. "Elements Off

Time" has her sighing heavy breaths over some pretty progressive

dubstep-ish beats -- an end result that's not too far removed from

material heard on Portishead's latest outing. The album's title track -- a

big middle finger catharsis of sorts for Miss FD directed at her

previous predicament -- has her emitting snarky Peaches-style rap verses

on top of chugging drum machines. Miss FD has some dexterity in her

vocals too; hauntingly crooning like Evanescence's Amy Lee on "Rebel

Apprentice" and double tracking demonically on "Thunder Blood."

Although at its core, Monsters in the Industry is a gothic record, Miss FD manages to package enough danceable beats, unorthodox rhythms and sass to win over those who don't initially shrug away at all the melodrama that this dated genre usually brings with it.

Miss FD will open things up for Chemlab and 16 Volt this Saturday at Respectable Street Café in West Palm Beach.

An official video for the track "Enter The Void" is on its way,  a teaser for the album and video can be found here:

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Alex Rendon