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To Be Hated

State of Things



I'd love to jump in the old time machine and see how I would've reacted to this band in my teens. I recognize the fact that the aging punker in me still needs a jolt of youthful adrenaline. Truth be told, To Be Hated would've been a band I'd been into then without giving it much thought. Although I can't associate with a lot of the age-related subjects in the material, the guys do it with gusto. After all, I can't wile my days away with Black Flag, TSOL, Cause For Alarm and S.S. Decontrol alone.

The personnel on this recording is comprised of Brick on guitar, vocals, keys and harmonica, Johnny on bass, Jose on guitar and Tommy on drums. Most of the band lends backups and gang vocals for effect and there's plenty here for anyone who's into power-pop punk with twinges of hardcore and mid-'80s Southern California punk rock.

Opener "Run Through the City" is a fun romp and they keep it going before tackling politics through the title track and "Greed $ Corruption" and "American Way." They really open their potential with "Two Timin' One," an easy standout on this disc because it acts like a country-fried curveball. Sweet. The back half of the disc takes a more hardcore turn with "Hypocrite" and slight ska-punk touches on "W.C.R. (Working Class Revolution)" and "Never Be Alone." Closer "Mind Control" satisfies the effort in a succinct manner.

All in all, it's nice to see the younger kids keeping this scene alive and with energy. They play live with frequency and I suggest you catch them. A nice effort and the male/female vocals are a good plus. TBH has other discs out there that'll be examined here soon.

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