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Local Motions: More Recent South Florida Releases

Furious Dudes

Sons of Bitchin' (self-released)


Thrashy lo-fi garage punk is currently storming out of my speakers with a generous potential to wreck my somewhat capable system to abject shit. Wow. Though I can't wholly get behind the moniker these guys have chosen for themselves (think of the jokes), I do get completely behind their musical output. These nine tracks of pure rage and fury deliver. From the opening call to arms of "Furious Dudes City" to the closing hellfire of "Don't You Forget About Us," the whole thing is on the money. The rhythm section of Ivan Medrano on bass and Rene Leon on the skins is clean and chemical. Matt Scally's guitar work is primal and unrestrained, while hefty Rasputin John Vale soars with proper intonation and energy over the fracas. Recorded live like it should be, there's a gloomy echo throughout that lends an air of desperation and beer-soaked, late-night fucking. Fans of Turbonegro, the Hellacopters, the MC5, and good things in general will not be disappointed. 


Kalakai (self-released)


Another quality metal band emerges with a solid album of blister and STD-inducing mayhem. Growls, screams, machine-gun drums, and baby-killing guitars set the pace for this seven-tracker. Guitarists Fletcher and Jonathan are deadly with their leads and riffs, drummer Mike and bassist Alex do their job with computerized precision, and frontman Ash goes through a full range of metallic vocal treatments. Think of the cleaner moments of Septic Death, the muscle of Entombed, the technical know-how of Cynic, and the devil-may-care attitude of Destroy in their thrashier moments. Easy standouts are "A Bitter Embrace," "True Love Ends in Homicide," and "Bred for the Fall." These psychos have been two-and-a-half years on the job, and this is a most satisfying payoff. Let's hope more hellfire comes in the future.

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