Local Musicians Share Memories of Respectable Street Cafe on the Club's 25th Anniversary

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Jimmy Brogan, the hard rocking singer for The Wrong:
"Last year, we were asked to open for Faster Pussycat. I was particularly excited, being that I was a huge fan of theirs growing up. We weren't really sure how crowded it was going to be since they had been out of the spotlight for a while, but by the time we hit the stage, the club was packed and electric. It was one of those crowds you dream of. Everyone was ready to have a good time and were excited to hear some dirty rock 'n' roll. And we gave it to them. They clapped with us during parts, sang along to the couple of covers we do, danced, cheered and screamed."

The unclassifiable, ever-quirky Luna Rex frontman Jon Glassman:
"Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one. I've got a ton of memories, if I can see past the drunken fog. I do remember the first time I walked into Respectables, it was around 2003, before I had become a musician. I recall the amazing vibe of the place and how enthralled I was over the fact that the band was playing all original music and seemed to be loving what they were doing. I don't remember the band, but I recall feeling like I was in a movie, and feeling very inspired by the entire scene."

Illia Tulloch, who will be pounding the skins for three (yes three!,) bands at the anniversary party, Fevers, Ordinary Boys, and Leading the Heroes:
"That stage at Respectable Street is kind of like a home away from home for me. I've been lucky enough to play it many times and this year Ordinary Boys plans to really step up our game. We were also fortunate enough to play last year's anniversary party on the outside stage. I remember looking out from behind my drum kit to see people making out. If couples are making out during your set then you know you're doing your job as a musician and The Smiths do have a way of pulling that emotion out of lovers."

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