Local Rap Producer Noah "10 Pound" Saunders Dead at 23, Foul Play Suspected

Earlier this week, Riviera Beach rap producer Noah "10 Pound" Saunders was found dead with a gunshot wound to his torso after his silver Toyota Corolla crashed into a tree in the Westgate section of West Palm Beach. He was 23.

According to witness reports, two men were seen fleeing the vehicle after it crashed, and police are looking for more information regarding the incident.

A blog at Palm Beach Underground says Saunders is best known for recordings with area acts Vandam and PCC.

In another PBU posting, Saunders' sister Angela has posted information about how to donate to help with burial costs.

Hi my name is Angela Saunders, Noah is my brother. My family and I are looking for donations to help pay for his funeral, headstone as well as provisions for his son. There has been an account set up for people who would like to contribute.

Click here to get the bank info.

Facebook is how we have been keeping people updated as to when the

funeral arrangments will b and where so if you have any questions or

would like to get intouch with his family you can contact my mother

Paula at 773-510-7512. Any and Everything is GREATLY appreciated. Thank

you and God Bless!!!

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