Locos Por Juana, Live at Transit This Saturday

​You may be sitting there saying, "this guy is NOT writing ANOTHER post about Locos Por Juana already!" And you'd be wrong. Because I am very clearly doing just that. And you're reading it. So there. True, we show an awful lot of love for LPJ here on Crossfade. I've even personally been responsible for, in a struggle to find something new to say, listing my favorite Chuck Norris jokes, only to give the deets to their latest gig at the very end. Sneaky trick, right?

But why the hell not show these guys love? If not for fear of getting into trouble with some of our other much loved gems in the 305, I might go out on a limb and say that they're the Miami band. After all, LPJ's sound is a synthesis of styles and influences from many different countries, the common thread being Latino. Much like the city itself. You can listen to one of their records, or check out a live set, and hear flashes of music ranging from South America to the islands to our very own streets.

And while we're on the topic of live gigging, Locos Por Juana, ever on the move, are throwing it down this weekend at Transit. Check them out Saturday for free. And meanwhile, check out this promotional vid after the jump.

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