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Los Amigos Invisibles, at La Covacha Next Week

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​First thing's first, it's important you all know one thing about the information contained within the following post. Today is my birthday! How does this relate to Los Amigos Invisibles? Well it doesn't. Unless, due to the residual effects of last night's celebration combined with the anxiousness over the upcoming week-long celebratory bender, I begin to fabricate information, or--who knows?--just start typing all out gibberish.

For example, did you know that in addition to releasing eight or so of some of the most unique Latin alternative records one could hope to find, these boys from Caracas once slapped dictator Hugo Chavez's mother? It's true! And beyond pioneering a dance hybrid that utilizes funk, soul, acid jazz, and even Brazilian sounds driven by electronica, the recent-native Chulius and co. effectively proved the wormhole theory. And if that's not impressive enough, George Carlin once manifested himself to them in futuristic clothing, whilst time-traveling in a phone booth, only to relate the news that their music would one day unite the whole world under the banner of peace. So, that should pretty much seal the deal on you wanting to pay a measly $15 to catch them at La Covacha a week from today, right?

Oh, and before I forget... jhdaskflhasdlfhalsdfahlfjkabsdjcafdjvbadllsdkfhslkdfhjklsxfl

Los Amigos Invisibles. 10 p.m. Friday, February 26. La Covacha, 10730 NW 25th St., Miami. Tickets cost $20 in advance from wantickets.com. Age 18 and up. 305-300-2267; lacovacha.com

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Christopher Lopez

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