Lost and Found: Mike Barra

I've gotten a few messages recently from people trying to track down musicians, friends, etc from the South Florida music scene.

Hence, a new public service of this blog ... If you're looking for a person, copies of an old rare local album, whatever, send me all the info and I'll post it here. When someone responds, I'll pass the info along.

Please do not post contact info in the comments. Instead, e-mail ME privately and I'll put everyone in touch. Hope this helps someone out, somewhere along the line.

Now, for the first one: A former South Florida entertainment writer is looking for Mike Barra. The last mention of him in the New Times is here, in an article from 1996.


Here is what else our letter writer has to say:

"When I was covering the entertainment beat in South Florida back in the late 70's one of my favorite young talents was a singer-songwriter named Mike Barra. His original material was mostly humorous with a lot of griping thrown in. I've always wondered what became of him. Can you tell me where to find him?"

Any tips? Drop me a line. -- Arielle Castillo


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