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Love Thy Neighbor Fundraiser at Stache Featured Beatles Favorites By the Beethose

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A lover of the album Revolver, Alvy is the founder and leader of local pop rockers the Super Fuzz, which will soon be releasing new material and showcasing in Nashville this March. Alvy was asked to join the group three years ago by Camacho. He handled the Harrison rhythm guitar parts.

"Rocky Racoon" drew hoots and hollers from the crowd at the start. For this tune, Camacho handed the bass reigns to Perdomo, as he would a few more times throughout the night, and Price owned the ragtime piano parts with authenticity. Drummer and founding member Jordan Welch, introduced as "the guy who is keeping this whole thing together" by Camacho, sang Ringo Starr's lead vocals on "Don't Pass Me By," as the band sounded tight but not stiff.

There were considerably more people in the house by the time the band reached "Why Don't We Do It in the Road," highlighted by Camacho's stark rendition of Macca's raunchy vocals. Afterwards, Jim dryly quipped, "That was one of Paul's most romantic songs, and one of his most complicated."

Price's voice again lead on "Julia," greatly enhanced by Camacho's backing accents. This song effectively closed the first set. By that time it was apparent that this group of musicians are not only faithful keepers of the Beatles' musical flame, but their talent is overwhelmingly exceptional as well. The "faux five" display an interchangeability and natural interplay similar to the Fab Four. On a smaller scale, the Beethose are a once-in-a-lifetime collection of musical talent, much as the Beatles were.

A rollicking version of "Birthday" opened the second set, one heavily laden with Lennon tunes and thus Price's vocals. "It's just a product of the record," Price explained. "John dominated side three more." He flexed his considerable bluesy prowess on "Yer Blues."

At this point, Camacho apologized for the appearance of the Yoko images in the slideshow, but added "I felt she was an integral part of the White Album." He later explained on the controversial matter of Ono, if "there was no Phil Spector, there would be no Pet Sounds. Yoko really is all over that record: you hear her voice on 'Birthday,' you hear her on 'The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill,' and obviously, there would be no 'Revolution 9' (without her)."

Shortly after, Price asked for a moment of silence for "the person who tweeted 'Who is Paul McCartney?'", a humorous reference to the recent collaboration between the Beatle and Kanye West and the apparent ignorance of some of the latter's fanatics. Price and Camacho continued their fine vocal interplay on "Mother Nature's Son" and the keyboardist continued his daft, soulful crooning on "Sexy Sadie."

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