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Love Thy Neighbor Fundraiser at Stache Featured Beatles Favorites By the Beethose

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"Helter Skelter" was easily the grittiest and hardest-rocking number of the evening, with Camacho plucking his custom Hofner-shaped, Steinberger-necked bass from atop his left shoulder and slapping it about, and not in a Larry Graham fashion. Drummer Welch added, "I've got blisters on my fingers!" to the ending.

Other energetic set two moments included "Revolution 1," "Savoy Truffle," and the dreamy, noisy and spacey improvised "Number 9," featuring a diatribe about fast-food menu numbers nine by Perdomo. (We doubt Macca ever ate a McRib.)

Without a true break, the band launched into set number three, the request portion of the evening which included Abbott's requests: "Come Together" and "Yesterday." A nameless donor requested "Sgt. Pepper." As Camacho thanked whoever donated generously to hear it, Perdomo added "thank you for hacking everyone, Anonymous!"

Not all the songs went over as smoothly, but with much aplomb and in the spirit of not taking themselves too seriously, the band tackled the material and by mid-tune had locked each in. They also played "Paperback Writer," complete with a Latin jazz breakdown, per the donor's request, "Let It Be," and closed with "Hey Jude," complete with a crowd call- and-response singalong.

"To be able to use my musical talent for a greater good is truly gratifying. I am very happy to be part of this," Alvy concluded. "Anything to help people out, I am always down." Welch pointed out that the secret to the longevity of the group is the love of the songs; Camacho deadpanned that the Beethose have the best songs on the South Florida music scene.

"It was great to meet Arnold," he added sincerely, "I was so happy that he came out and I was happy to play 'Yesterday' for him. I felt that the energy in the room was very positive and it was a beautiful night."

"It's not my kind of music," Abbott admitted at the end of the evening, "I'm into classical music and love soft music, but the people there appreciated it, there was a lot of dancing going on. I couldn't be more pleased with the results."

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