Loxahatchee Sinners Union Is Scarecrow Jenkins' New Band

Fans of Viva Le Vox's charismatic ex-bull fiddler, James "Scarecrow" Jenkins, will be happy to know that he has landed on his feet and is fronting a band of his very own called the Loxahatchee Sinners Union. Jenkins says he had been lying low after what he calls his "untimely departure" from the Lake Worth punkabilly act last year and had decided to take on a few solo shows at the start of the year.

The formation of his new outfit was a complete accident, according to

Jenkins. The multi-instrumentalist was set to play a solo gig opening

for romping Atlanta rockabilly act Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho-DeVilles

at Propaganda in February when he asked a few of his friends to back him

up. Joining him are his girlfriend Erin "Junebug Jenkins" Helton on

the banjo and pals from Fort Lauderdale Cramps-style rock duo Nightly

Death Shade -- Marvin Ray Hawkins on electric bass and Michelle

"Esmerelda Nightly" Woofter on keys.

Together, the foursome is the newest

addition to the fertile Lake Worth oddball Americana scene. The band,

which plays a brand of rootsy revival that Jenkins refers to as "swamp

gospel," has a slew of gigs lined up in the upcoming months, all

posted on its Facebook page. The next one is at the Poorhouse in Fort Lauderdale on April 15.

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