Lucky's Tavern Replaces Coyote Ugly in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Less than a month ago, the supercheesy Coyote Ugly announced its closing, but before the dancing bartenders could unlace their combat boots, a new canine shuffled them out the door. Crowned home of the three-legged dog, Lucky's Tavern is the latest addition to the downtown Himmarshee drinking district.

The interior structure wasn't given much of a face-lift  -- not surprising

since it opened so quickly -- but it has been cleaned up quite a bit.

Monstrous flat-screen TVs replace the lingerie collection, pirate flags

are nowhere to be seen, and the

bathrooms have been restored to normal conditions. However, the venue's appearance isn't the only thing that's been spruced up. The staff is

mostly male, and there isn't a body-shot-serving, fishnet-wearing

bartender in sight. It's safe to say Lucky's is the antithesis

of Coyote Ugly.

In addition to an enormous

selection of liquors, there are 18 beers on tap, including

a few craft brews (and they're not too pricey!). Lucky's Tavern doesn't

have any gimmicky concept hiding behind its doors; it's just a simple

watering hole to visit with a group of friends for a round of pool, catch a game, and listen to

live music.

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