Luther Campbell Announces 2 Live Crew Reunion at Sundance

Bet you're wondering what the hell Luther Campbell is doing right now. 

The busy man is probably lounging, sipping a hot cocoa, in Park City, Utah. The father of booty music announced a 2 Live Crew reunion tour this past Saturday from Sundance. He attended the film festival to promote Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke, which screened to great reviews.  

"Utah and Sundance have welcomed booty bass with open arms," says Jillian Mayer, one of the creators of Life and Freaky Times. The 2 Live Crewer is the star of the short, which takes a very La jetée approach to Campbell's life.

The film, created by Mayer and Borscht Film Festival's Lucas Leyva, was selected for

Sundance's 2012 Short Film Program. The audience received Lukey whoopee

cushions designed by Jacuzzi Boy Gabriel Alcala. The film was a hit and had Campbell tweeting,

"Miami is on fire at Sundance. Tell Drake I'm at Sundance to [sic]."

According to Mayer, "The response has been amazing... People were

fighting over the whoopee cushions."

The tour kicks off this summer, and according to the AP,

it sounds like Campbell is psyched. They'll perform the old

classic butt-busters, hopefully, including the delightfully controversial and informative "Me

So Horny."

"We support Luke as much as he supported us in our

creative endeavor. We can't wait to see the band back together," Mayer

told us from Sundance.

The life and freaky times of South Florida's favorite booty basser continue to impress. Also this week,

Campbell, an HIV activist, was selected as the spokesperson for

Progressive Care Inc., a company that specializes in antiviral patient

management. His job is a big one, according to a company rep via Vibe,

"to promote superior HIV care and services, beginning with local

residents in South Florida and later expanding into a national campaign

to support long term living and health with HIV/AIDS." 

We love to see Luther keeping busy. Hey, we just love our Uncle Luke period. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.