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Luxury of Company, Less Than Jake Perform in Jupiter's Innagural Spring Jam

We know gas prices are through the roof these days, but when you see a lineup as stacked with Florida talent as the inaugural Spring Jam 2012 Music and Arts Festival is, forking up the extra coinage for the drive up to Jupiter is a fundamental obligation for the local music fan. Chalk it up to loyalty, you can't put a price tag on that can you? Event organizers Music Jam Productions have really outdone themselves with this primo list of bands.

Headlining in Jupiter's Seabreeze Amphitheater on Saturday will be Gainesville pop- punk-ska stalwarts Less Than Jake

Together since 1992, Less than Jake have released eight full-length albums to date and have become one of the "Vans Warp Tour" punk era's most dependable celebratory bands. The Resolvers, Spred the Dub, and South Side Dub are all standouts in South Florida's vibrant reggae with-a-tinge-of -rock scene. Then there is Crazy Fingers, who, with over 2,500 shows under its belt have earned a reputation as one the nation's premier Grateful Dead tribute bands.

There is one band however, who keeps it simple for the

audience, Luxury of Company. By keeping it simple, we do not mean providing a simplistic sound, not in the least. Luxury of Company dishes out a polished brand of pop, neo

soul, funk and reggae that is hard to pin down in one particular genre. We say keeping it simple because Luxury of

Company is comprised of members from other prominent South Florida bands--

including, but not limited to, Doorway 27, Fire Zuave, Noble Rocket, Luna Rex,

El, Marlowe Grey, Nick Eberhardt, and  B-Liminal. Attendees need not worry about running

around trying to catch any of these acts separately, Luxury of Company frontman Bryan Matthew Wohlust has done all the legwork for you and rounded them all

up in this project. See how simple?

Wohlust explains,  "Luxury

of Company is a collection of South Florida Musicians mostly hi-jacked from

other bands for the sole purpose of putting on one hell of a show."

The Luxury of Company concept grew out of a handful of songs

Wohlust wrote a couple of years after his power pop punk band Doorway 27 broke

up. Wohlust intended for the songs to become part of a solo project, but

little by little, friends from other well know local bands, such as Chris Wood

from Brit-pop leaning troupe El and Nick Eberhardt, from bluesy indie outfit

Noble Rocket, joined Wohlust in his studio efforts. 

Soon Wohulst came to the realization that he

was no longer just jamming out by himself in his living room and the name "Luxury

of Company" was born. "I still like to think of (Luxury of Company) as a collaborative,

and not really a band, so whoever might be able to join me when it's time to

book the next show is more that welcome too."

About his collective's performance in Jupiter, Wohlust was enthusiastic

about the breezy locale. "I'm most excited about playing at this particular

venue in Jupiter, because it is so close to the


Wohlust also added that he's found Jupiter residents supportive of the local music scene. "It's going to

be great to be a part of an event that brings it right back to them." 

Wohlust predicts his outfit will take the stage anywhere from 4-6 p.m. Spring Jam 2012 Music and Arts Festival with Less than Jake,William Kimball and Hit Show, The Resolvers, The Kinected, Spred the Dub, Bryan Matthew and the L.O.C.,Salt Water Catch, Honey Henny Lime, South Side Dub, RustiCo Drop, Scalawag, All The Pretty Cars, Crazy Fingers, and others. Saturday, March 3 at the Sea Breeze Amphitheater. 750 South S.R. A1A, Jupiter. Advance Tickets cost $20 Door $30. More info here.

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