Maayan Nidam Plays Electric Pickle on Friday

Mayaan Nidam.jpg
​The PL0T crew kicked off the year with a real bang in January with "The Wolf + Lamb Experience" party at Electric Pickle. With no signs of slowing down, they're back at the Pickle on Friday night with another special guest from the W + L collective, Israeli-born and Berlin-based DJ/producer Maayan Nidam. The shape-shifting and prolific Nidam has produced and performed since 1999 under the Miss Fitz, Spunky Brewster and Laverne Radix monikers, with a decade's worth of releases on labels like Perlon, Contexterrior,

Wolf + Lamb, and  Freak 'n' Chic, and increasing international acclaim for her memorable live sets.

Additional side projects include Uli Künkel, with Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves, and Mara Trax, a DJ/production duo with Frankfurt's Vera who have recorded on the Oslo and Cyclical Tracks imprints. March 2009 saw the release of Night Long on Japanese label

PowerShovel, Nidam's debut album under her own name and a highly original record which

interweaves samples from some of Cuba's finest contemporary instrumentalists

with her own machine grooves, further establishing her as one of the

most imaginative and forward-thinking EDM producers of her generation.

Her eclectically-textured and loose-limbed style of post-minimal house is a sampledelic melange of sounds, blending strains of funk, soul, disco, and the deeper end of techno, and making her sound quite at home with the Wolf + Lamb contingent. Latest work, The Greatest Tits EP, is due for release this spring on Wolf + Lamb Music, and will no doubt be exposing the talented Ms. Nidam to a broader American audience. Join Maayan Nidam and PL0T resident DJs Alejandro Sab and Michael Christopher for a night of seductive and mind-expanding dance grooves at Electric Pickle on Friday.

Maayan Nidam at Electric Pickle. Friday, February 5, 11 p.m.-5 a.m. 2826 N Miami Ave., Miami.

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Sean Levisman