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Macklemore's Horror Hipster Song "Thrift Shop" Is Number One on Billboard. WTF?

It didn't take long for the most ridiculous song of 2013 to pop up. Hats off to Seattle-based Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis for cranking out your new favorite terrible tune, "Thrift Shop." 

While the song isn't exactly new (it dropped back in August of last year), it has been gaining serious attention in the past week. Whether you like it or not, it's going to be one of those songs that'll linger like allergies, a la Rebecca Black's "Friday" or Psy's "Gangnam Style."

The video is nothing out of the ordinary; a hipster rapper (think Weird Al meets Vanilla Ice) in a DeLorean goes to a thrift store (seriously, who calls them thrift shops?), buys previously-worn clothes for under $20, and then goes to a club sporting a sensibly chic fur coat. Sans the fur coat, it's all very formulaic to most people in the Tri-County area. It's like any old Saturday at the Swap Shop. 

The track brings some humor and variety to the (internet) airwaves, and we all know when someone creates something popular that "shouldn't" be popular, immense hatred follows. 

For Macklemore (born Ben Haggerty) and producer Ryan Lewis, the single is a victory. When your song reaches number on the Billboard 100, as it did this week, and has more than 65 million views on YouTube, negativity is irrelevant. 

We're sure Macklemore is on cloud nine, and where's the shame in that? He made millions of people laugh with a satirical song about a hipster dressing on a budget, and in turn, is not so poor anymore. Unfortunately the joke is on everyone else, as Macklmore is definitely chuckling his way to the bank. 

Ninety-nine cents times millions of downloads is a shit-load of wolf sweaters. 

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