Madlib Comes to Miami


You might have heard that Stones Throw Records biggest artist, Madlib, is headed to Miami to play a show in conjunction with Art Basel. A selective email blast went out about it last week, but eerily left out most of the details about when the show would be, where it was going to be held, and everything else important that fans of Madlib would want to know.

Well folks, we've got all the info (some good, some bad) and an RSVP link for you to click on after the jump to make sure that everyone can get it for free.

For starters, Madlib will not be rapping. So don't show up expecting him to break out into his Quasimoto character or start performing any Jaylib/Madvillian material. There's a 99.9% chance that it's not going to happen. But if you're an optimist like me, then feel free to hold out hope. I'm with ya.

What Madlib, will be doing is DJing is ass off. The dude has one of the best ears in music and from past experiences, I can tell you he's awesome on the turntables. Expect lot's of West Coast breaks, some J-Dilla exclusives, plenty of new tracks from Stones Throw artists, and just a night of good music in general.

Local MC's Parable and Rahsaan are going to open up for him: both are incredible lyricists with strong stage presence, and the rest of the night is going to be a party, 305 style.

The show takes place, Tuesday, December 4th at the Blacksheep Bar on Miami Beach. And the only way to get in is through and RSVP. So click this link, sign up, and don't get left outside in the cold.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham