Mai Kai Dance Party This Saturday: "Shake Your Coconuts!"
Ari Justin Rothenberg

Mai Kai Dance Party This Saturday: "Shake Your Coconuts!"

Though Nick Dewey (James Brown's Sweat) and Jasper Delaini (DJ Sensitive Side) are the fathers of the irregularly thrown but always memorable Mai Kai dance party, Radio-Active Records' Mikey Ramirez has lent his vinyl stylings to the affair about a handful of times. The crew is regrouping this Saturday, and as Ramirez told us, "expect a bloodbath." A rum-soaked, booty-shaking bloodbath.

Though all three are busy with families and businesses, they managed to carve out time for this "death by dance" event for you party people. So say thank you by chugging a few boozy bevs from ceramic skulls and swishing that rockabilly skirt from side to side.

"I was honored that they asked me to help out." Ramirez says. "It's a rare occurrence, but they announced it this time around, and I was excited."

There's a lot to get amped about. Think of the late night happy hour (10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. wtf?!), for instance. Ramirez told us, the music includes "a lot of butt-shakers, old R&B, Northern soul, garage." As far as what'll be spinning specifically, he says, "I just moved into a new house so I have to go in the record room and take a look, but of course there's always room for King Coleman, Little Eva, James Brown, Ike & Tina, The Foundations, J.J. Jackson, Gloria Jones, Joe Tex, Sharon Jones..."

He also admits that Dewey crowned him Mikey"Sexy" Ramirez, and that he's also been known as "the Face Melter," but the DJ name that stuck is simply Mikey "Killer" Ramirez. And so, expect some sonic killing from the decks. "It's always fun; never a bore," he assures.

Ramirez says his favorite thing about the venue is the decor, "It's a unique place, regardless if you like the food or drinks, the layout, design, dinner shows. Very few restaurants still do that." His drink of choice is a rum barrel, so feel free to indulge the DJ during the happy hour.

He reminisced about a coconut fight that happened at the party a few years back. Everyone was on a bad tip and a girl ended up hitting another in the head with, well, a coconut drink. He says, it's a "totally different scenario at the moment with all three of us doing very well. Hopefully no coconut fights this time around... Actually, fuck it. Show us what you got. I'm bringing the coconuts."

His advice on fashion for the Mai Kai dance party? "Dress sharp! I wish I could get into tiki fashion. All I own are black clothes. I look like a mortician," Ramirez admitted. He also said to look out for the Jasper Shuffle, saying DJ Sensitive Side dances a bit like a Peanuts character. James Brown's Sweat was not spared Ramirez's critical eye either, "Nick has so much pommade in his hair that when he dances it oozes down his face and sticks to the floor. The key is to make sure people can't leave. If we're both together, it's like superglue." A pomade battle may be underway.

Finally, he reminds us. "Come ready to dance and drink. Cab it home. Remember to shake your coconuts." Sound advice from an experienced party man.

Mai Kai Dance Party. 9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., Saturday, August 16, Mai-Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show, 3599 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale. Visit

Mai Kai Dance Party This Saturday: "Shake Your Coconuts!"

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