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Make Plan B Your Plan A: Planned Parenthood Fundraiser at Churchill's Pub Tonight

Recent cuts to women's health programs affected us in South Florida, as the Susan B. Komen Foundation withdrew all of its financial support for breast-cancer screenings with Planned Parenthood. Srsly, WTF? With the political clusterfuck surrounding funding drama for Planned Parenthood nationwide, it only makes sense that a group of powerful, bad-ass, take-shit-from-no-one women have come together to celebrate womanhood and fight for their right to party -- and to govern their own bodies, of course. The fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, Plan B, takes place tonight, May 30 at Churchill's Pub.

The title was an intentional tongue-in-cheek crack at the somehow controversial Plan B "morning after" pill. The organizers are hoping to introduce an alternative to what typical "ladies nights" have always been. We've all seen it or experienced it -- getting girls drunk enough to go home with the creepy, sleazy dudes lurking the bar, stumbling into bed with our shoes still on. 

"The idea of 'ladies night' is just so silly," coordinator Tatiana Hernandez says, "What we want is for this to be something of a safe place for women, and men who love and care about women, to come." She laughingly told us that Plan B is also a double entendre of sorts, Churchill's being a standard Miami backup, or "plan b," hotspot, "Where you always know you'll have a good time." Hernandez added. "I can't imagine a better way to spend a hump-day." Not only are these ladies fierce, they're funny as hell too.

Keeping with the theme of a good time, the event is party-vibe as well as socially conscious. Plan B is focused on bringing the abundantly creative South Florida community together not only to share ideas and thoughts on what "womanhood" is, but also to swap musical tastes, pop culture bits, and whatever else they happen to be interested in. It's essentially an open bar for conversation. There are even available DJ slots where anyone can plug in their iPod, pop in a CD, or spin vinyl records of their choice. There won't be any "goofy girl bands" entertaining the crowd, typical of a themed ladies' night in some bars, instead there'll be more of for-us-by-us.

The conversation won't necessarily be a debate or politically driven at Plan B either. The bar will be supplying all the $3 "Sour Puss" drinks you desire, and whose namesake, we can only imagine, is dedicated to those scrunch-faced, hoity-toity extremists that continue to restrict the availability of women's and men's sexual-health care. "Politics, here, are subtle," says Hernandez, "We know there are pockets of exceptionally talented women here and we want to find out who they are, what they like and where they go to expand the network throughout South Florida."

Appropriately so, all proceeds from Plan B will benefit Planned Parenthood, and late-night karaoke (kicking off at 11 p.m.) will be pumping through the speakers as women and men come together to support a cause that has a profound effect on all of us -- innies and outties alike. For every strong woman, there is a strong man, and the event is geared at bridging that gap as well, taking a pro-active stance against gender inequalities, especially since Planned Parenthood hosts a number of men's sexual health programs which are also facing funding cuts. Tonight, make Plan B your Plan A. 

Plan B takes place at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. Ladies get in for free to Plan B (yes! another joke), with a low $5 cover charge for the XYs. For more information, visit Churchill's on Facebook or

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