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Making Faces Promise Positive Jams at Respectable Street

Making Faces is a band concerned with "feeling good, having fun, and rocking your socks off" — at least according to social networking sites. Although the wording is blasé, the description seems accurate. The West Palm Beach four-piece delivers clean, lively, reggae-tinted alt-rock sprinkled with covers of Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, and Jack Johnson. Their lyrics mine the territory you'd expect too. In "Cemetery," for example, John DeMatteo deems that "Love is the only way" to escape emotional and psychological problems, and the gist of that mantra reappears in "Evidence That I Need." But then there's "Media Puppet," in which they suddenly drop the feel-good vibes for a broadly worded attack on the media, closing with a warning: "So be wise and don't subscribe/The media's plot will corrupt your mind." For an unexpected foray into punk-rock lyricism, it's a decent little twist. The new incarnation of West Palm Beach rock act Noble Rocket, the Darklights, provides support.

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Reyan Ali

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