Mandy Moon Could Be Your Future Yogi

Local gal Mandy Wright lives a normal life. She grew up in Boca Raton, attended Florida Atlantic University, she even worked a stint at Starbucks in Mizner Park. But when she started out as a singer-songwriter, she took on the cosmic moniker, Mandy Moon. In 2011, she formed a band, a close knit team that jams out a fusion of blues, indie rock, and soul.

Mandy Moon and co. are planning to show off some fresh tunes and a very new addition, a brand new bassist, at Dada on Friday night. "We're writing a lot more material, a lot more blues," Moon explains. "We're pretty excited with the new stuff we're coming out with." She feels like this will be the band's breakout album. The previous one was released with a little help from friends and fans via their Kickstarter.

"We're probably going to make our goal a little bit bigger (this time)," she says, "so we can have more funds to be able to master and get what we need." The group is also gathering its dough for an upcoming tour that kicks off in Northern Florida. "I mean, work never stops," she gripes. But luckily, neither does the inspiration. "Even after an album's done for me, I write whenever it comes to mind, and before you know it you have a compilation song."

This local sweetheart is also passionate about yoga - which, together with her music could definitely make for a very interesting performance. Mandy's spiritual side plays a big part in her songwriting and allows her to tap into her emotions, fueling deep lyrics. "In order to play the blues, you got to feel something, you've got to go through that almost enlightenment period and go through those blue times. I feel like that allows me to write better, and as musicians, we suffer for other people so we can write material that fans can understand," she relates. Oddly enough, this former barista still craves her favorite caffeinated drink after a long day of writing: an iced grande red eye with two pumps of white mocha, toffee nut, and cream. What a mouthful!

Mandy Moon. 10 p.m. Friday, July 11, at Dada, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. Free event. Call 561-330-3232, or visit

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Ashley Zimmerman