Manifesto's "Behold" Video Heralds the Local MC's First Solo Salvo

Manifesto's name crops up frequently around town and usually in these digital pages as a great collaborator and vocal counterpoint to the dizzyingly active Serum. This pair last hit the airwaves in November in support of their fun, funky yet hardcore and socially aware "Insurgemcees" track.

While experimentation and a savvy knowledge and understanding of music sets these underground cats apart from others plying a similar trade, they also know better than to tweak a proven formula too much.

Like on "Insurgemcees," Manifesto enlisted the production assistance of Ekcel Beats, and any venture that takes its opening cue from Elvis Presley and quickly blitzes into cathedral synths and reverb-heavy beats and abrupt snares, is A-OK in our books.

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In anticipation of his upcoming solo album, The Secret Strain, looking to drop any second this month, Manifesto's released a video for the single "Behold," which was directed by Jason Baker for the Mayhem Revolution. Enjoy the video for now. Manifesto and crew are known for dropping plenty of music digitally, and while it's not always a guarantee, most of the time, it is for free.

Manifesto - "Behold"

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