Marc Anthony

No disrespect to Ruben Blades, Hector Lavoe, or any of a handful of salsa singers who undoubtedly merit consideration, but Marc Anthony may very well deserve the title "King of Salsa." That comment may spark some sharp disagreement, and if so, so be it. Sure, there have been other men who were, and are, undeniably great salsa singers. And sure, Marc's spent considerable time with his (also successful) pop endeavors. But the man has held the title of top-selling salsa singer in the Guinness Book of World Records for going on nine years. And that's no small feat.

Set the record books aside and consider Anthony's body of work. Songs like "Si Te Vas," "No Me Conoces," "Dimelo," and "Se Esfuma Tu Amor" became instant classics. And that's not even considering his landmark 2001 release, Libre, which was jam-packed end-to-end with party starters. Those included hits like "Celos," "Este Loco Que Te Mira," and "Hasta Que Vuelvas Conmigo," plus a handful of others that continued springing up on salsa stations across the country long after the album had run the usual marketing course. One also simply can't overlook Marc Anthony's live shows, which are renowned. Around the globe he's wowed audiences with his energetic and emotional performance style, and was the first solo salsa act to ever sell out Madison Square Garden. You'd be hard pressed to find a better salsa show around town in the near future.

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Christopher Lopez