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Marcy Playground Plots Two South Florida Shows This Week

Call it a perfect alignment of the stars, because there has been an

awful lot of mid- to late-'90s love upon us lately, like the

recessionary return to lumberjack plaid fashions and the overcorrection

of Courtney Love's meds, leading to the recent triumphant reunion of Hole.

While the grunge revival has had time to bloom, an onslaught of

something perhaps nobody is ready for yet may already be in the works --

the return of the post-grunge movement.

That's right: Acts once relegated to late-night As Seen on TV

infomercials for Non-Stop '90s Rock compilations are touring

again and therefore sneaking back into the public's good graces. You can

blame stalwart acts like Counting Crows, which never really went away, or you can look to bands like

Sponge or Marcy Playground that are enjoying an uptick in popularity as of

late. See how life is treating the later trio when the creators of "Sex

and Candy" headline Roxy's (309 Clematis St., West Palm Beach) Tuesday

in the bar's saloon and Rocketown (371 S. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach) on Thursday.

-- Terra Sullivan

Marcy Playground's showtime at Roxy's is 10 p.m. with a $10

cover at the door. Call 561-296-7699, or visit here. For Rocketown info, call 954-786-1116 or visit here.

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