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Marilyn Manson at the Fillmore July 21

The man born Brian Warner is actually rather shy. But give him some color contacts, a latex body suit, and a crowd of thousands, and that skinny, pasty, quiet Florida boy transforms into Marilyn Manson, one of the most shocking musical entertainers of all time.

After nearly two decades of musical mayhem, he still knows how to push the boundaries of decency. His live concerts are legendary. And he's coming home for a shock-rock show at the Fillmore Miami Beach this weekend.

But what exactly should we expect? Let's hope for something just as provocative as these top six NSFW moments.

Simulated sex. So, Warner is shy. But Manson is not. Regularly strutting across the stage in skimpy outfits, he's unafraid to let a little ass or genitalia creep out. He's also not afraid of playing a little rough and getting a bit dirty. Sometimes he has guys get up there and simulate sex with him. Y'know, from the back. And sometimes they'll get down on all fours and do the oral shake. Hey, it's not a show for the sexually squeamish.

Bouncer ball play. Most of us probably remember when Manson made headlines for allegedly sexually assaulting a bouncer standing guard near the stage at one of his shows. It was 2002, and as we've discussed, Manson has a penchant for performing a little midset bump-and-grind. Well, one day, he must have taken it too far, getting caught up in the moment and wrapping his legs around the head of a very large and angry man. The shock rocker was chided for wiping his sweaty genitals all over the accuser's face. Now that's what we call a splash zone.

Lots of pretty, pretty ones. Marilyn is not a traditionally handsome man, but he is quite intelligent — not to mention rich and famous. We're sure it's a healthy combination of those three attributes that has landed him ladies such as Rose McGowan, Dita Von Teese, and Evan Rachel Wood. Not only does he bag these curvaceous, blood-pumping broads, but also he gets them to leave the house in some of the most NSFW outfits. Remember McGowan at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards in the chain dress that covered nothing? Yeah. We're still shaking our heads.

"The Dope Show." Recall when Manson sparked nationwide conversation by showing up on television dressed as a gender-bending alien? The 1998 music video for "The Dope Show" was groundbreaking — ushering in his highly successful glam-rock phase, spawning rumors that he had breast implants, winning him an MTV VMA for Best Cinematography in a Video, and even nabbing him a Grammy nomination.

The Long, Hard Road Out of Hell. If you think Marilyn's girlfriends bare everything, he really let it all hang out in his autobiography, The Long, Hard Road Out of Hell. He talked about his grandfather's bestiality, his own sexual fetishes and conquests, his copious drug use, his friendship with Satanist priest Anton LaVey, and all that cool stuff like how his band formed and how he became friends with the ever-amazing Trent Reznor. It was extra-fun reading because Manson is from the FLA.

"Born Villain." Even today, Manson continues to be one of the freakiest performers on the scene. He totally got under our skin with his Alejandro Jodorowsky-inspired music video for "Born Villain," surprisingly directed by Shia LaBeouf, that nice boy from Transformers. The arty clip features all sorts of strange sex and violence, lots of raw nudity, and a long pin getting shoved through some lady's face. There are circus freaks and poetry readings and Nazi imagery. It's everything you could want from Manson. Let's hope his show at the Fillmore comes off like an insane behind-the-scenes "Born Villain" outtake reel.

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