Marilyn Manson Picks Ex-Foe as Biography Writer

The first authorized biography of Marilyn Manson is coming! Local fans of the Spooky Kids -- as well as local members of the Spooky Kids -- are in for some tasty nuggets as ex-LA Weekly's Erin Broadley has been hired to document all things Brian Warner officially. Of course, there are legions of cranky Manson fans who will be devastated that they weren't chosen.

According to Gustavo Turner's blow-by-blow of this development, this arrangement grew out of frenemy-ship between the rocker and the writer because of the Manson-related dirty deeds revealed in her story about Buddyhead's Travis Keller. Things eventually calmed down.


"I asked Erin Broadley to write an objective account of my life because I

have great respect for her. I think she has the balls to be the next

Lee Miller." (Lee Miller, the press release explains, "was a

Surrealist-era journalist, famous for her work with Man Ray and breaking

into Hitler's apartment while working for Vogue during WWII").

The John Mayer segment and Kenny Powers chapter will hopefully be the longest ones.

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