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Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar Is 15: Daisy Berkowitz Speaks

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Which songs would you cut?

I would cut "Mister Superstar," I would cut "Angel With the Scabbed Wings," and I would change "1996" to "She's Not My Girlfriend." [Guitarist Twiggy Ramirez] actually ripped off the riff that [former bassist Gidget Gein] came up with on "She's Not My Girlfriend" -- and there was legal action over that. I would rather have done "She's Not My Girlfriend" than the new twist on it, "1996."

Your legal action to recoup royalties from that album is finished?

That was all wrapped up in '98. If I was really petty, I could go back and find songs that were really similar to work I had done in the past. That would be unnecessarily petty and time-consuming. There's a couple riffs on Mechanical Animals that I could do that with pretty quickly.


The chorus of "The Dope Show" is just like that of "Lunchbox" -- it's just slowed down. Casual listeners don't realize stuff like that, but the writer does. I didn't want it to go on forever, and it's Brian Warner. You are not going to get anything that you just ask nicely for. You have to do it legally. I didn't and couldn't sue for being ostracized or abused or people being a jerk to me. That's not why you sue. I had to make sure I got the royalties and gear replaced that they broke. It's not petty, there's just no way around it.

What would you change about the way you approached things at that time?

It's hard to say. If people don't give you respect, there's no way to get it. You pay them to respect you, you can't ask them to respect you, you can't hit someone in the head with a frying pan. Maybe if I really analyzed the people's motivations, I could've sat down and rationally and diplomatically dealt with it. It's not too likely. The main figures responsible for the bullshit were doing coke and drinking booze all the time. You can't be rational with people who are irrational for those reasons. Anyone else around was scared to go against the establishment.

What did you think about what Marilyn Manson has become today -- making headlines for being an Eastbound and Down fan?

The worse the albums get, the more cheesy everything else he does gets. When that came out, people asked me what I think, and it's a good example of how non-musical his career is now. He's in the news for being a fan of a cable TV show.

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