Marlins Super Saturdays: Kevin Rudolf Says Heckle The Other Team

​Let it rock!

This Saturday April 10th, and at each of 13 Saturday home games this season Florida Marlins games become Super Saturdays, major concert productions with national caliber acts followed by fan giveaways and firework shows.

At the end of this season's first home game Nelly, Kevin Rudolf, and New Boyz take the stage.

We recently spoke to Kevin, the Cash Money rockstar, by phone about supporting the Marlins, getting his ass kicked by Nelly, and just saying no to steroids. Read what he had to say, after the jump.

Crossfade: How'd you get involved with the Marlins and Super Saturday?

Kevin Rudolf: I just love Miami. I'm not sure how I got on the show though, I'm just a dumb recording artist.

Have you ever played a stadium before?

We've done arenas before, but never like a packed stadium.

What's the set like, how long do you get up there?

I think about 25 minutes. We're gonna be doing a lot of new stuff off my new album, To The Sky, coming May 25, and also "Let It Rock" and stuff.

What can we expect on To The Sky when it comes out?

Wayne is on the single along with everyone from Cash Money and then I have some surprises like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, and 3-6 Mafia. There's a lot of variety.

What do you think about the Marlins?

I'm a Marlins fan. I hope they do great. I grew up going to Yankees games, but I definitely love and support Miami.

What's the relationship between your music and sports?

It's crazy. For some reason I get a lot of airplay in the sports world, from the NFL, to NBA to WWE, and now this. I'm excited to be at the game.

Where are you right now?

I'm at my house in L.A. I'm about to go back to the studio and finish my album.

Who would win at baseball between you and Nelly?

At baseball? He'd probably kick my ass. Didn't he used to play?

What about New Boyz?

They'd probably kick my ass too.

How do you feel about steroids in baseball?

I think I should take steroids if I'm gonna beat Nelly.

How do you feel about heckling the other team?

Definitely heckle the other team.

What's the best insult for something like that?

I don't know, how bout "You fuckin' suck."

Any final words?

I love, love, love Miami, and I can't wait for the game. Thanks for the support. And don't take steroids. I'm gonna get my band and maybe together we'll beat Nelly and his boys.

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Jacob Katel