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Martini Bar - Hip Hop Tuesdays - Tonight: Gunline Ent and Hustle Holicz


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Hey Kendall, Grove, South Miami, what's closer than the beach, less confusing than downtown and stays open til 5 am? Martini Bar, your one stop shopping, drinking and dancing experience. Where else can a party-mom send her kids to the movies, drink herself stupid, doo doo brown, fuck somebody in the parking garage, and eat a cheeseburger til she's sober enough to grab the kids and make it home? Sunset Place. This is what happens when you put a nightclub in a suburban mall. Hip Hop Tuesdays hosted by Kool G from 99 Jamz is bringing the party to you. Tonight Hustle Holicz are hosting, Gunline Entertainment is performing, and Katie Wills, the marketing manager says "Dress to impress, no shorts....cuz I don't need that." I spoke to Katie Wills on the phone, here's what she had to say....

"Tuesday is really growing for us, we're getting a better crowd and

really enforcing the dress code. Every Tuesday we have bottle specials,

tonight it's $150 for Hennessy. We're the only club in all of South

Miami that' open til 5am. Gunline Entertainment is performing tonight,

honestly I'm a little turned off by their name, do you know what they

drink, I'm gonna check our bottle inventory..."

"Wednesday night I'm very excited about. It's called Martinilicious, I

love that name, it makes girls wanna come. There's no cover and ladies

drink free apple martinis, lemon drop martinis and cosmopolitans all


"Friday is our best happy hour. It's 2 for 1 drinks and appetizers

Monday-Friday from 5-9pm. Friday night we have Power96 in here with DJ

Laz and Evie from the morning show, that's been going strong for a

while. The kitchen stays open usually til about 2 am, so you can get

that great, late night bar food."

"It's amazing to me, we literally have people in here drinking from 12

in the afternoon til 5 am, I'm like, don't these people have jobs. We

had this one guy we had to throw out, poor kid, he was drinking all day

and...people have fun here, let's just say that."

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