Maruta Seven-Inch With Fistula Due Out Soon

The Miami-based grind outfit Maruta is staying busy (as always) with an upcoming split with Fistula on Animosity Records and a tour with Crowpath in May.  Also look for them at Maryland Death Fest, the Auditory Assault Fest in Brooklyn, and at the Midwest Fuckfest.  If you don't know what grindcore is, think about drum beats faster than a marsupial mating call, brutal aggressive vocals that range from squeeky highs to guttural lows, combined with high-tech guitar gymnastics. And that's all played by bands that generally prefer performing on the floor or at house shows. 

P.S. Mitchell Luna and company never turn a blind eye to local shows and will be playing with hometown heroes Torche and Dead Meat on April 21 at Churchill's Pub

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Dominic Sirianni