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Matt & Kim Know: "Floridians Know How to Get Crazy!"

It looks like we must have been especially good this year in South Florida. Why? Because we had the delightful opportunity to revel in the indie-pop radiance of Matt & Kim twice this year. The first time was at Ultra, straight with side-boob and an avalanche of colored balloons, and now again this November at the West Palm Beach Coastline Festival.

The inaugural showcase will offer the complete fest package: a beer garden, food truck area, and tons of local artists. But we're all jazzed up about the stacked lineup. This dynamic duo will share the stage with Passion Pit, the Neighbourhood, Surfer Blood, and tons of others.

But we have a hankering to strap on some dancing shoes, and there's no act better to guide us through a sweaty concert experience than Matt & Kim. Known for a wild live show, the couple took the time to chat with us about what makes for a great crowd, their spot-on "Harlem Shake" video, and who they would be if they weren't "Matt & Kim."

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New Times: It's no secret you two are together. Are there other couples that were in bands that you look up to?

Matt & Kim: I have no idea, but we were once told: "You shouldn't dip the pen in the company ink." We are straight out of ink, 'cause we've been dipping that pen for so many years!

Did you throw around some other band name ideas before settling on Matt & Kim?

Scream Team was the only one. Picking a band name is tough. I bet it's even harder than naming a baby.

The girl drummer thing is picking up speed, but it is still a rarity. What do you want to tell a young girl who is thinking about picking up the drums?

I will tell this to anyone who is picking up the drums: Just hit hard!

What makes for a great crowd?

A rambunctious crowd! I like to see them getting out of control.

You guys are known for a super-high-energy show. How do you keep that feeling alive even if you are tired or have a crappy day?

The crowd going nuts is what energizes us. So no matter how tired you are, if the crowd is bringing it, then you step your game up. I do usually pass out shortly after we're done playing! Go big or go home.

Do set time or geographic location play a factor for you guys?

I do believe a 45-minute set is the perfect set length. I don't think we could ever play over a hour and a half. We would probably collapse onstage.

Your "Harlem Shake" video was great! What was the creative process behind it?

We saw some and thought, "Hey that looks fun" and set it up during our sound check. The funny thing is, that's what our crowds look like when we play, so we are lucky enough to see that every night.

"Daylight" has gone places, commercials, TV, radio, etc. What is a goal you have for your music that hasn't been accomplished yet?

For everyone in the world to hear it, even if it's just once. We love making music and the music we make. We just want everyone to hear it.

Are you stoked to be a part of this Coastline lineup or what?

Hell yeah! Since we first started touring we always hit up Florida. Floridians know how to get crazy!

Coastline Festival is Sunday, November 10, at Cruzan Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. Tickets available at coastlinefestival.com.

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