Matt & Kim Unveil Sidewalks Cover, Announce Preshow Listening Parties

Matt & Kim are one of the biggest Brooklyn boosters around. After titling their last album


-- in reference, among other things, to one of the main thoroughfares in their neighborhood -- the Willamsburg Bridge shows up on the cover for "Cameras," their

new single


As a reminder of the duo's October 14 show at Culture Room with Donnis and because there is something undeniably charming about them, here's another plug. Each show, including ours, will include a preview listen to Sidewalks, which is to be released November 2. Even in the age of leaks and torrents, this is still pretty cool and a decent tactic to get people to show up on time.

Back to the Brooklyn theme, which plays heavily into the new album's cover below -- longtime fans will also notice that the track listing features a precious M&K favorite that has been a staple of live shows since the beginning.

In all of its gritty glory:

1. Block After Block

2. AM/FM Sound

3. Cameras

4. Red Paint

5. Where You're Coming From

6. Good for Great

7. Northeast

8. Wires

9. Silver Tiles

10. Ice Melts

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