Medeski, Martin & Wood Two Night Stand at the Culture Room

If you stumble onto your favorite familiar, well-trodden path of earth tonight, you won’t find your weekly drum circle bros. Nay, hand-percussion instruments and less portable toking tools will also be abandoned for the next 48 hours in honor of the two-day stint by jam-band-powerhouse Medeski, Martin & Wood.

The group is planting a firm foot at the Culture Room (3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale) on both Wednesday and Thursday – so if you can’t get enough of those jazzy-sweet melodies, there’s the option to buy both nights’ tickets together at a reduced rate here and just chill, as two days of your life, puff puff, pass away. MM&W’s tunes are often described as “otherworldly,” meaning that they could fit just as easily in a swingin’ galactic lounge along the sands of the Tatooine as they do in a low-lit nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, but that damnable gravity demands that you enjoy it on this planet, at this time. They drop the trip-funk at 8 p.m., one night tickets cost $24, two-night tickets cost $40.

If you've never seen or heard the trippy jazzed-out sounds of MM&W, check out this cool vid below and see the trio getting funky with it. Even Herbie Hancock likes these guys. --Jamie Laughlin

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