Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert With Cyril Neville to Spark Up Revolution

​Currently, there are still a bunch of people who think that other people shouldn't be allowed to interact with a certain plant that grows on our planet. They don't even think that sick people who could benefit from using the plant as medicine should be allowed to do so. This would be okay, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, if it weren't for some kooky rules that make it so that if someone is caught growing, consuming, or even holding some clippings from the plant, they will be punished.

Fortunately, for every person that still thinks that it makes sense for this plant to be illegal, there seems to be at least one who is aware that that very notion is absurd. And further, there are a lot of people who are very inspired to remedy the situation that are working tirelessly to at least make sure that sick people can use the plant to help them feel better. Lots of those people are coming together on February 19th for the 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, which will be hosted by Ploppy Palace Productions and NORML of Florida.

The event is set to be an informative, entertaining, and productive gathering of folks from various realms of the pro-pot movement. Over twenty bands from a variety of genres -- including Cyril Neville, Spam Allstars, Crazy Fingers, and Nag Champayons--poets, dancers, and visual artists will entertain, experts on relevant topics will give presentations, and heady vendors will sell their wares.

The proceeds from the event will benefit four organizations which are working to change local policy on medical marijuana: NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) of Florida, Patients Out of Time, The Silver Tour, and PUFMM (People United for Medical Marijuana).

Those who may think that policy change is a pipe dream, and that this will simply be a stoner circus -- it will be that, and more -- may be well advised to read up a bit on the progress that these organizations have made recently. It is a huge, complicated battle, but things seem to be moving in the right direction, albeit slowly.

So, if you are of the ganja loving persuasion, put a post it note on the bong and make it out to offer some support. If you are a medical marijuana advocate but don't partake yourself, you probably won't need the memory assist. If you are on the fence or at least curious to hear some of the arguments for legalizing medical marijuana, consider checking it out. Don't worry, these people won't bite, unless you are made of chocolate chip cookie dough. And if that is the case, a red carpet will probably be rolled out for you.

14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert. With Cyril Neville, Johnny Dread, The Spam Allstars, Crazy Fingers, Sweetbone, Ephniko, Nag Champayons, JP Soars, Kuyyaky, The Tribe, Rhythm Flow, Jam I Am, The Int'l Language, Sigmund Floyd, Omine, Orrin Bolton, Teri Catlin, Ellen Bukstel, Valerie C Wisecracker, Steve Minotti, Mr Grim Reapa. Immortals and more. Sunday, February 19 at Revolution, 200 W Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $18-$50. Click here.

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Travis Newbill