Meet Alligator City and Download the D.U.I. Mixtape

Things are aligning nicely for Alligator City, a new local hip-hop duo looking to take over your next informal gathering with their rhymes about the various forms of intoxication and the many, sordid routes used to arrive there.

Made up of Protoman, a guy who has gotten a load of ink on the blog lately for his solo work and collaborations with the Party Monsters, and Miami-Dade's Bizerk, this is a pop-oriented venture that is just starting to unfold. The first chapter is the just-released Alligator City D.U.I. mixtape, which features a brash update of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" and a wealth of drinking boasts well-suited for their dorm-based constituents. Just peep the video for "Whiteboy Wasted" (below) to get an idea of what this is about.

This, and umpteen more references to the niceties of getting resoundly shitfaced, can be found on Alligator City D.U.I.

Download the mixtape here, and stay tuned for much more about this new duo. With opening performances for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Dead Prez already in their arsenal, these guys are reaching for a lot more than more red Solo cups.

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