Meet Dub City Derby Girls; Live Band Karaoke Fundraiser at West Palm Beach's Roxy's Tonight

Roller derbies became part of middle America's idea of what tough girls do after school when Whip It hit theaters. All the wimpy chicks out there (us included) looked longingly at these athletic, angry females, powerfully involved in a contact sport for just us ladies. 

Palm Beach's Dub City Derby Girls are just those bad assess we aspire to become. The team plays locally and tours the country. They want you to know more about roller derby. They're also fundraising to keep their group thriving by holding a live band karaoke event at West Palm Beach's Roxy's tonight.  
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Dub City's Brooke Lenz, AKA, Gwyneth Foulthrow, recently informed us that, "Music is such a big part of the derby culture and our bouts." So, we thought we'd ask the women of the rink a little bit about themselves and their skating soundtrack. 

Name(s): Vicky Falso, AKA Bling it On
From: Puerto Rico
Favorite thing about roller derby: Cardio in fishnets
Best song to skate to: "Diamond Girl"
Why'd you pick that song: Hello? Diamonds!

Name(s): Jacqueline Simon, AKA Lo Jack
From: Philippines
Favorite thing about roller derby: Hitting girls and derby wives
Best song to skate to: Prodigy, "Breathe"
Why'd you pick that song: Pumps you up to deliver a beating.

Name(s): Sarah Farley, AKA Snow Bite
From: Delray Beach
Favorite thing about roller derby: Speed and endurance
Best song to skate to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Date with the Night" 
Why'd you pick that song: They kind of reference me: "Just take a bite."

Name(s): Angela Collet, AKA Looncifer
From: Lake Worth
Favorite thing about roller derby: Jamming
Best song to skate to: Flogging Molly, "Drunken Lullabies"
Why'd you pick that song: Gets me pumped. 

Name(s): Brooke Lenz, AKA Gwyneth Foulthrow
From: Miami
Favorite thing about roller derby: Kicking arse
Best song to skate to: Slipknot, "Duality"
Why'd you pick that song: Puts me in the zone.

Support Dub City Derby Girls tonight, Thursday, Aug. 23 at Roxy's, 309 North Clematis Street, West Palm Beach.  

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