Meet New Local Foursome Wake Up, Featuring Members of the Dewars and Guy Harvey

It's Monday, folks. Wake up! Chances are, dear reader, that you overindulged this weekend and are having a difficult time getting into the swing of things over there at the workplace? Cold sweats, baggy eyes, severe dehydration -- all part of the Monday blues. No sweat; drink lots of water and let County Grind take care of you. Put on some headphones and let the serene, lo-fi bliss of Lake Worth's newest outfit, Wake Up, wipe away the day's doldrums.

Composed of Bobby Yapkowitz (vocals and guitar), Austen Bemis (bass),

Carlo Gonzalez (drums), and Evan Mui (vocals and guitar), this nascent four-piece

has been performing together for a little over a month. All of them have been

members of other notable area bands, though -- Yapkowitz, formerly of Britpop-leaning Secret French Kissing Society and countrified Heavy Boots, among

others. Mui was part of the twin-brother psych-folk act the Dewars as well as indie pop act Guy Harvey.

Seriously, we could fill up an entire page trying to list all the bands these four guys have played in. Just know that they are all seasoned veterans of Palm Beach County's music scene, and on this project, all their years spent on the local gig grind manifests itself.

"Seek to Deceive" is a sweeping, introductory track for the band. Wake Up hones in on a chiming, hook-laden guitar-pop sound that will have savvy listeners thinking the group is a lesser-known act off influential New Zealand label Flying Nun Records. The wistful melody sounds like mellower moments from Pavement records, and Mui's slight crackle on his delivery calls to mind Dinosaur Jr.' J Mascis' early days. All in all, listeners of late-'90s alt-rock, or indie before it was "indie," will eat this track right up.

Mui tells us that the band is "trying to record the songs as fast as they are materializing" and that the four plan to release a seven-inch soon. Considering the summery brilliance of this track, it's going to be a record that will find its way onto our record players very frequently.

Enjoy. We bet your Monday headache will disappear by this track's end.

Also, the best news of all, a little birdy tells us that Wake Up might just be (seriously will be,) making a surprise appearance with the Dewars tonight at Propaganda's Monday night indie dance party B-Sides. So, your Monday evening is looking a hell of a lot promising, eh? More info on the gig here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.