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Mehkago NT Announces Tour

Pure crusty hardcore aggression, 305-style, hits the eastern seaboard on the heels of a

No Idea

split with Religious as Fuck.

Mehkago NT

is an admixture of some of South Florida's best known, most notorious HC/punk/sludge/metal musicians.  The band features members or ex-members of DNME,





Tyranny of Shaw

, Sonny Chiba Death Cult,

Hibernus Mortis

, Consular, Enemy Against Enemy, Trust No One,

Tunes for Bears to Dance to

, Thick as Blood, and so on and so forth.  David Miller, one of the three guitar players in this crusty hardcore outfit is also the proprietor of 

Abort the World

, a label and distro that you may see at various shows around town (he's the guy with the al-Qaeda beard and the crates of vinyl). 

The tour kickoff is Feb 5th with a band some of you may have heard of before, Agnostic Front.

Dates are as follows:

Feb 5 2009 - Churchill's Pub w/ AGNOSTIC FRONT - Miami, Florida
Feb 6 2009 - Transitions Art Gallery - Tampa, Florida
Feb 7 2009 - The Junkyard - Gainesville, Florida
Feb 8 2009 - The Hangar - Athens, Georgia
Feb 9 2009 - Static Age Records - Asheville, North Carolina
Feb 10 2009 -  The GSS House - Raleigh, North Carolina
Feb 11 2009 - Nara Sushi - Richmond, Virginia
Feb 12 2009 - Corpse Fortress - Silver Spring, Maryland
Feb 13 2009 -  The Milestone - Charlotte, North Carolina
Feb 14 2009 - Shantytown Pub - Jacksonville, Florida
Feb 15 2009 -  TBA - Orlando, Florida


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