Melissa Burnos Live at Jazid This Friday

​This may be a subject we've broached before -- frankly I don't recall -- but it is an important topic, and one worthy of addressing: Hot girls who rock kick ass. Not that the primal appeal of a male's guttural roar doesn't have its place. I'll go out on a limb and say most of the very best rockers are dudes. But there's just something about a beautiful woman with a mean 'tude, rockin' out on stage, preferably in provocative, stretch leather gear, that's...well, special.

Just such a rockin' diva, Melissa Burnos. Which is not to say the beauty, who you may recognize from the 'Fins sideline, as she used to be a cheerleader, has no substance beneath the fine-polished surface. Boasting powerful range with sultry, throaty, and assertive delivery that seems informed by blues work, Melissa draws inspiration from bands like Zeppelin and Alice in Chains to Portishead, Heart and Stevie Nicks. Though the later three are more reminiscent of her style. And she actually covers Portishead's "Glory Box" in a lovely acoustic rendition.

You can check Melissa out this Friday at Jazid, when she shares the stage with Lanzallamas Monofonica.

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