Memorial Service for Bobby "Load" Johnston Tonight

Bobby's gone, just like many of our other musical friends these past couple of years. It has really cast down a rather glum mood concerning the generation of musicians that began putting Florida on musical maps. From his work with the uncontrollable punk rock aegis of Load, to the whiskey-soured hell-raisin' of Southern Flaw, to the snowflakes falling on the international dateline of the Psycho Daisies, Bobby touched a lot of musical hearts down here.

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But the best, and quite frankly only way, to celebrate Bobby's passing is by rounding up his friends, the ones he remembered and the ones he didn't, under one roof with available suds and some chow from the Plantation Diner. All to facilitate the best aspect of Bobby touching so many: The legions of stories, some repeated over the years, some with minute differences but all about Bobby and all filled with bonhomie and the genuine charisma of someone who was, well, real.

A memorial service at the Native Florida Tap Room & Music Hall does not sound like a good idea to you? Plenty of his friends would say to the contrary, adding that Bobby, wouldn't have given a damn about your opinion one way or the other, followed by one of his half-energized shrugs.

Meet up to remember Bobby from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall, 2006 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Call 954-399-9302, or visit


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