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Metal Taco Fest: Unofficial Shiprocked Afterparty Combines Two Best Things Ever

After a week on the high seas, soaking up equal parts sun and sounds of Satan, what's the first thing passengers of the hard-rock-festival-on-a-boat Shiprocked are going to want? Tacos, and more metal. Duh.

The first Metal Taco Fest, to be held this weekend at Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale, has a 13 band lineup, spread over two days, and a gourmet chef running the taco line the whole time.

Metal Taco is the brainchild of local production company the Omen, run by fiancée team Denise Zunizarrera and Josh Schilling. Basically, they're trying to do their fellow fans of metal a favor.

"We thought, what do metalheads love -- tacos and great music," Zunizarrera said. "Why make a late night later if you can get it all in one place?"

The fest actually starts Friday night after Shiprocked docks in Miami. The bill is slightly shorter that night, with Loyal Until Death, Dead Between the Walls, and Mikey Cunningham and the Aftermath playing, but gets going for real on Saturday and Sunday, allowing the metal-loving seafarers a chance to adjust to being back on solid ground.

The full lineup for Saturday and Sunday includes Gemini Syndrome, Letters From The Fire, and Daybreak Embrace, all of whom play the cruise itself, as well as Hate Machine, Queen Dimentia, Silenmara, 1000 Pounds of Thrust, the Killing Hours, Sorus, Outlaw Tendencies, and Infinite Radio and the Shadow People.

Bringing the gourmet tacos will be Chef Juan Cuadra, who has logged hours at Turnberry Isle, the Ritz Carlton and Bonefish Grill, among others.

Zubizarreta said there's some buzz about metal celebrities showing up post Shiprocked but nothing solid. That leaves a slim chance of one of the dudes from Sevendust or Nonpoint serving up your dinner.

"If they want to strap on an apron, nobody is going to say no," she said.

Metal Taco Fest: ShipRocked After Party, 8 p.m., February 7 to 8, at Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge, 2608 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. $5 in advance, $10 at door. Visit Facebook.

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