Method Man Pimps Sour Patch Kids With "World Gone Sour"

Initially when I read this, I thought this was Method Man teaming up with Garbage Pail Kids, which would have been an even better idea. But anyhow, Mr. Meth has launched yet another commercial partnership -- this time with the tongue-scraping, tooth-gumming Sour Patch Kids. Remember Wu Wear and all those Right Guard Power Stripe ads with Redman?

"World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)" is the resulting song with a not-that-bad beat, and the walking candy makes for more of a How High outtake than anything else. After one of his buddies busts open a fresh bag of the candy and they go flying everywhere, it's mayhem.

Now admittedly, Meth has virtually no interaction with the creepy little buggers -- no slashing with the shaolin sword after they start breaking eggs in the fridge and messing with the levels on the big board in the studio. "Now eat 'em up," he asserts. At least he doesn't say buy 'em up.

We were somewhat with you until: "These kids they ain't worried/They play dirty like they O.D.B." Ouch.

Meth has had a sweet tooth for quite some time, you know?

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