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Miami According to Brooklyn: I'm Not Always Negative

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I get a lot of feedback about how I'm always negative and not positive. So if people think that all I do is bitch and complain, then they should e-mail me and give me something to write about. What are the topics people want to hear about? What are the concerns people have about the scene in Miami? Click here to e-mail me. I'll pick one and that's what I'll talk about.

Trust me, I'm not always negative. The truth is, I just see a lot of bullshit and shit-talkers, so I have no problem calling them out and telling people the way it is. And if anybody really has a problem, I'm really not that hard to find. Everybody has a lot of stuff to say, but nobody puts their real name with it. If people disagree with what I say, let me give them an opportunity to speak back to me directly. Here is your opportunity to say I am a jackass, or a douchebag, or whatever. But while you're saying it, give me a topic to talk about. E-mail me here.

Also, I wanted to mention that for bike people, Keirin Bikes is celebrating its grand opening next Monday, 7 to 10 p.m., at 235 9th Street, Miami Beach. (It's next to MIA Skate Shop). There will be a race so Shisho Sushi for a $100 sushi tab.

Albums I'm Listening to This Week: 1) The Snake the Cross the Crown, Mander Salis. 2) Smoking Popes, At Metro. 3) This old Utah straightedge band called Clear, a record called Deeper Than Blood. It was released on Jamey Jasta's Stillborn label.

Quote of the Week: "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." -- Auguste Rodin

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