Miami Dolphins A Cappella Group Seeks Vocalists: Our Nominations

The Miami Dolphins' official a cappella group, the Dolphins Voices, are once again looking for South Florida's finest vocalists. The eight-person group will host invitation-only tryouts July 10, at Sun Life Stadium, and will perform at Dolphins home games and other events throughout the season.

Didn't know the Dolphins had an a cappella group? Neither did we. But as soon as we found out, we decided no official Miami Dolphins a cappella group would be complete without a few essential South Florida stars:

Gloria Estefan
She's one of the quintessential South Florida musicians, bringing a blend of American pop and Latin rhythm that is sure to "get" you. She also owns a very small portion of the franchise (part of majority owner Stephen Ross' 2009 attempt to make every celebrity in SoFla a partial owner, and built-in supporter, of the team), so she'd have some extra incentive to perform especially well.

Marilyn Manson
True, he may not look or sound like the typical a cappella octet member, but that could be a benefit. A native to South Florida (where he was known as Brian Warner), Manson could bring a special, dark presence to the glee club. If a particular rendition of the National Anthem was going badly, for instance, he could rip off his shirt and cut an outline of a dolphin into his chest.

J.P. Pitts from Surfer Blood
The West Palm Beach indie outfit became the darlings of local critics last year, especially when they had a song on Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2009 list. Pitts has a sweet voice that could bring a sensitive timbre to the group, something to balance the a cappella groaning from Manson.

Alicia Olink from Kill Miss Pretty

If you haven't seen this glam-punk band from Boynton Beach, you haven't seen the super-smoking Alicia Olink writhing around the stage. She's got a pleasant voice and an enthusiastic presence, but yeah, she'd definitely give the Dolphins the hottest a cappella group in the NFL.

Connie Francis
She sang the title song in the movie that made Fort Lauderdale the Spring Break mecca that it was for decades (Where the Boys Are). The power of her voice could light a major American city for a week. Plus, with her amazing life story, she's a model of class and elegance. Every NFL a cappella group needs a living legend.

Lil Wayne
If anyone could contribute to a sports-themed a cappella group from a jail cell 2,000 miles away, it's Weezy. Plus with Autotune, he could harmonize himself.

Vanilla Ice
A Wellington resident and huge Miami sports fan, Rob Van Winkle could bring the jaded, cynical perspective any serious a cappella group requires. And if the audience is really good, the group could do a great instrument-free version of Ninja Rap.

Scott Stapp

So, the Creed frontman's voice isn't terribly soothing. And he's pretty annoying. And yes, he wrote the worst tribute song ever sung to a crowd of innocent baseball fans. But at least it seems like a true South Florida sports fan (how many Marlins fans do you know?). Plus, if he's singing in our a cappella group, that means he's not recording any new Creed albums. Everyone wins. 

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Michael J. Mooney