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Miami Indie Rock Outfit Call It Radar Calls It Quits

Here's an oh-that's-too-bad item for obsessive watchers of the local indie rock scene. Another band bites the dust -- this time, Call it Radar. You may remember the band as its first incarnation, Baby Calendar, who played around town a little more, and were popular with that whole Athens, Georgia-centric twee pop microscene.

The band had completed an EP and a minor recent tour, but seemed to be permanently advertising for a bass player. Maybe that's what finally did them in? The MySpace page features a blog titled "Call it Radar is Done," but it's not publicly viewable.

(Actually, you don't even have to snoop that much to get to member Tom Gorrio's music page and read his statement:)

"Ever since I can remember, Arik's been there (right next to me) on every tour I've ever been on except one. Throughout the years, we have become close brothers. There is such a thing as too close though. There have been many tours where we didn't think we would make it, and survived. But this last tour was the one to end them all. I've always made a rule: "never be in a band with your friends". You can make friends with your band mates, but it's not to often that friendships will last after a band has split up. In this case, we were able to stop it before got to that (hopefully). Now I'm preparing to finally go it alone. I've done this before, the whole "open mic" thing and playing acoustically, but this time there's no band to fall back on if I get bored of the acoustic rounds. I wish Renzo was here, I'd hop on drums in a second. Being part of a band, a team, feels so awesome."

Anyways, Call it Radar, we hardly knew ye. The band plays its last show this weekend at the Vagabond Fridays party at, uh, the Vagabond. You know the drill - $5 cover from midnight to 3 a.m., IDs please, etc. etc. The band's EP, Longevity of Flight, can still be ordered here. -- Arielle Castillo

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Arielle Castillo
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