Miami Live Music Month Kickoff Party at Grand Central on November 3

The Swedish electro chicks of Icona Pop sing, "I crash my car into a bridge. I don't care. I love it," to a floor-smashing dance beat. They are the perfect example of a species that one of their songs terms the " '90s Bitch." Who is this bitch? She's a wild party animal characterized by a nihilistic tendency to indulge in nightlife. Bass runs through her veins like a locomotive. On the dance floor, she's a sultry, frenetic blur of heels, drink, smoke, and lust. She sleeps till sundown, has sheet-ripping sex, and then powders her nose. By midnight, she emerges to tornado through the city once again. And this Saturday at downtown party hub Grand Central, Icona Pop, alongside Afrobeta and Radioboxer, will headline the New Times-sponsored kickoff to what is sure to be an intense Miami Live Music Month. The four-week fest will also include a battle of the bands at Magic City Casino, a Burgerlicious concert in the Gables, a NASCAR-inspired set by country act Daughtry on South Beach, the Miami Jazz Fest at Bayfront Park, and a massive array of international fusion, indie, hip-hop, rock, and blues at 45 participating venues. We can thank the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau for the idea. It all starts at GC, though, where the Icona Pop chicks and their '90s bitches are gonna rage against the dying of the night and party till the sun comes up.

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Jacob Katel