Miami's This Heart Electric Brings Two Drummers to Digital Love Tonight

New Times is thrilled to hear that Miami musician Ricardo Guerrero is making the schlep up to our parts to perform in this week's installment of Digital Love at the Green Room. Back on May 27, during the last relevant show staged at Lake Worth's Little Munich, Guerrero's two-piece, This Heart Electric, completely enthralled us with a wiry garage rawk blitzkrieg of a set.

Armed with only an acoustic guitar that night, Ricardo Guerrero delivered a psychedelically tinged performance spotlighted by his cavernous, mile-long, reverb-drenched vocals and seasoned local music scene vet Dino Felipe's maniacal work on the skins.

It was a radical departure from the dark electro-pop featured on This Heart Electric's debut seven-inch, "Polar"/"Nowhere to Run," a disc that received a glowing review from our sister blog Crossfade. The writer called Guerrero's "gloomy, goth-night synth punk" basically "the perfect single."

While Guerrero's rebirth as a scuzzy primitively fuzzy rocker is considerably more untamed than his previous outing as a methodized dark electronics maestro, it is no less rewarding.

Guerrero, who also splits his time with electro-punk duo Animals of the Arctic, is aiming for an unhinged sound that still has its roots firmly planted in lush harmonies. "I want to create a mesh of Motown sounds with Joe Meek and the Beach Boys," Guerrero told us earlier this week.

For tonight's show Guerrero will be upping the rattle factor by performing with two drummers. "Onstage, I will be joined by Alex Puentes and Chris Diamond, who will both be playing drums/percussion; it's all kind of ridiculous, but it will be loud and fun."

The three-chord feminine thunderclap of Miami's Snakehole will open matters up.

For those who want to sample it before buying it -- although, we point out that the gig is free -- we found this little surf-rock-gone-demonic demo Guerrero posted on This Heart Electric's Soundcloud page.

Latest tracks by This Heart Electric

This Heart Electric With Snakehole. 10 p.m. Thursday, July 7, at Green Room,

109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No cover.

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Alex Rendon