The real Michael Bolton
The real Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton Heats Up January 2011 in South Florida

Not only was Michael Bolton a key to the comic genius of Mike Judge's film Office Space (see below), but he's one of the most popular and successful musical figures in the world. Sure, the height of his pop success in the U.S. was a while ago, but his pipes, man! "Steel Bars" was unfortunately produced in the early '90s, which was not a height of authentic-sounding guitars, but we'll take the heat and say that there's a lot more to him than his adult-contemporary legacy would have us believe. Lady GaGa digs him and he had Village Voice's Rob Harvilla over for a pretty cool cocktail party.

Mid-January marks a string of dates in South Florida, which begins with a January 13 stop at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. He'll hit Key Largo and Miami after that. Bolton's full tour schedule is here. As promised, some Office Space glory follows.


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