Miguel Leg Drops Fan, Slamming Face to Crotch, at Billboard Music Awards (Video)

Miguel's "Adorn" not only made number two on our best songs of 2012, but it's actually like pure soothing sonic sexual bliss. But at the Billboard Music Awards tonight, as the red-skinned crooner belted out the sensual tune, he also belted out a body slam-leg drop on the neck of one member of the audience, and delivered a sort of kick to the head of another.

And in an attempt to jump -- not stage dive or crowd surf -- from one stage to another at the ceremony, he landed, crotch-to-face, on a chick who who now is certainly experiencing whiplash. When you're like 4'11, you cannot expect to sail through the air like Michael Jordan, Migs.

Keep clicking for all kinds of footage and a few of the funnier Miguel memes that came out of this mishap.

The Vine gone viral:

The full performance:

Both chicks walked away unscathed, or so it seems. A Billboard rep onsite told Mashable that: "Yes they are absolutely OK! He was dancing and hugging them post jump." Their social media editor Sarah Maloy said you can watch the body-slammed gal backstage with him here. But we got bored after a few minutes.

All we know is no one died and "Miguel" is trending on Twitter. Here are a few of the funnier memes or Tweets we found.

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